where did the words go

I have been trying to write. I have written but find that the things there are from my heart and really only meant for my self or my king. I wrote in the past to process emotions, to help me come to clearer understandings of myself and my life. But these days i TALK. I share all of that with my king and together we work through all that is in my head and my heart. He is my blog. I do know know what comes next. I am finally living this life instead of trying to find my way. I take each moment as the gift it is. NO life if not perfect. Days are hard. Relationships are hard. But I am truly blessed and that is all i can ask for. So until i find something that i need to share i will be in my little world living and loving and being and that is enough. Thank you for taking time from your life to share in the madness of mine. and i wish you all the greatest of love and joy and hope for a better tomorrow.