I want you now

Sitting there staring at her cup of coffee she was lost in thought. The battle inside was one that only has two possible outcomes. She would either lose her best friend or find the love of her life. She loved his company. His smile was infectious. His laugh melted even the hardest of hearts. Lately all she could think about is what it would be like to kiss him. Just once. But she knew that one would lead to two and after that…..

Could he possibly feel the same about her? Not knowing ate at her. It gnawed at her heart. Was it worth the risk? Maybe, maybe not, but she had to find out.

It was a typical evening, they had dinner out, pizza, her favorite. He always let her choose. Then back to her apartment for some TV. Tonight she asked if they could sit on the porch and talk. He said yes but you could see the concern in his eyes. What’s wrong, he asked her tentatively?

Her voice caught in her throat as she gathered her courage. I know that what I am about to say may change everything, but I can’t keep it inside any longer. I love you. Laughing he said I love you too.

NO, she said. The next words fell out of her mouth in rapid fire. I love you, I have since the beginning. But if I lose you I will die, and if I never have you I will live dead inside because you are more to me than words could ever cover. I need you. I need you now.

She sat there silent, looking into his hazel eyes, praying for the answer her heart needed.

Wordlesly he kissed her. His eyes meeting hers as their lips meet. She was sure she would never breath again. She could feel the beating of his heart under her hand. It was like the wings of a hummingbird.

He pulled her even closer and began to gently nibble on her ear and neck. Tasting her like a starving man. By then she had lost all sense of space and time. She floated in and out of her own body as his hands explored parts of her no one had ever touched before. She lost herself to him in every way. Their bodies found their own rhythm and like a magical dance they were intertwined into the others soul. When they finally collapsed into a heap in each other’s arms they were out of breath and out of words.

She melted not only into his body but into his heart and by the time the sun rose they both knew that this was not the end but the beginning.


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