This magical Life

Each and every day that passes for me is a gift with this man. No things are not perfect. He drives me crazy sometimes.

But i know that every day he loves me with every part of himself. I know because he tells me. He shows me with his kindness and with his actions. He shows me with the tenderness of his touch and the gentleness of his words. We live a charmed life. It is a simple life. There are no fancy houses or cars, but we have all we need because at the end of the day we have each other. Our home is modest but filled with love and dog hair.

. I do not want to imagine my life without him in it. In him i have a partner, a friend. Someone who i can share all of my secrets with. Someone i can share all of my fantasy with and not fear that i will suffer shame for my desires. This level of honesty is why i love this man. I do not need to hide a single thing from him. Even the dark recess of my past do not scare him away. He has held me though tears and sadness and still loved me in the morning.

As each day passes i worry less and less that he loves me because he is one spoiled man and i realize more and more that he loves me for me. Yes he is my King and treated as such. But i am his queen and he loves me with the gentle reverence that a queen deserves. He also love me like the naughty little slut i am. He is my Daddy, and i his Baby girl. I am his sexy cougar Mommy and he my hot Cubby stud. We are not a list of titles but the perfect balance to the other ones needs and desires.

He is my peace. Never in this life have i had such a solid grasp on what happiness is. I am not trying to make someone happy so that the love me. I am simply being my truest self and i am loved because of it. Yes i worry about money and health and life and our future and things i have no control over. But most of all i know that with his hand in mine the future will take care of itself. He is my heart and my breath and my devotion. I love you, one day, one breath, one moment at a time. From now until the stars fall from the sky.



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  1. October 12, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Beautiful. Love, pure, complicated, yet simple. Simply love. 🙂

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