I know

I know you like I have known no one else. I know the map of your face, the wicked smile that shows up when you are full of mischief. I know how your eyes sparkle when you are excited. I also know the fire in them when you are angry. My fingers  know every inch of your skin. I am pretty sure that I could pick you out blindfolded simply touching your hand.

You know how my funny brain works it wanders down paths no one else would take. It can go from a bright sunshiny place to the darkest of caves in an instant. I had a moment the other day wondering what life would be like without you in my world. I came to the conclusion that after being the calm and responsible adult and putting all of our business in order but the world would probably find me curled up on your grave no longer breathing because I could not live without you.

I never understood what it meant to have someone else be your other half but now I do. I’m pretty sure that you are the half of me that is my heart and my lungs. Without you there is simply no existence.

So often people try to make life some fairytale, some version of a storybook Romance, that is not life. Life is filled with work barking dogs laundry dishes family obligations chores. And yet somewhere in there we find those moments that are magical. The ones where a simple kiss sweeps you off your feet. To me those moments are the frosting on the cake of life.

Your goal in life it seems is to make sure that everyone is happy. It is part of your soul that I find Sweet and endearing. It is also part of you that I find frustrating because continuous happiness is simply illogical. I believe that the moments that hurt are the ones that make us stronger. They are the building blocks of true love, of lasting relationships. They make us stronger. They force us to take off the rose-colored glasses and to communicate even when it’s hard. And we do. That is why I know we will always be together, because we choose to put in the work.

I love you my king


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