My love of the hunt, and it’s need in our lives today.

There was a cool snap to the air. Shades of green giving way to the golds and rusts of fall. It was the time of football, people bundled in sweaters, campfires, roasted marshmallows and pumpkin spice in abundance.

But for some these were the signs of something else. Something with a far deeper meaning. A tradition that carries back through time. Hunting season. Some of you may  recoil is disgust. But that is ok. While some people embrace technology I relish the simpler things in life. A time when the world worked harder, where respect was earned. Where age and wisdom was honored.

What does any of that have to do with hunting season? Well let me explain. The world is a vast and glorious place. But as human beings we live in small spaces. We think of this moment in time and are encouraged to look ever forward. But sometimes it is the depth of the past that we need to draw wisdom from.

Our food did not always come in foam trays, wrapped in plastic and sitting in neat little rows with no connection to its origin. Vegetables were not already cleanly washed to remove the chemicals because they did not need to be. They were pulled directly from the ground and taken into homes with dirt floors and corner fire places.

Life was honored and valued and cherished because it did not come easy. It came on the blood sweat and tears of  those who came before you. It was taught to you in time honored lessons by your elders. Respect for life was learned because to survive you had to take another life.

The woods  are a vast place, and men with sticks and strings with arrows tipped in carved rocks took down game to feed their families.  Not just their own blood but the entire tribe because things were shared. We were a community not separate individuals.

You may say that we no longer live in those times, and you are right, but I say that is a sad thing because we have lost those lessons. We live in a world where people expect you to respect them,but they do not respect you. Respect was something earned back them. We do not always live in a world were things are earned. They are expected without effort.

We no longer live as communities that give to others with no hope of something in return. We lack respect for our elders. We do not protect our own young, but rather cause harm upon them for selfish gain. We do not loving protect those among us with physical and mental challenges, but send them off for someone else to care for. We shame others if their body type does not match your idea of the ideal.We loot and riot and destroy the property of others in the name of justice.

In days past the elders were revered. Children were protected as gifts from god. The mentally and physically handicapped where not seen as a deficit but as the special ones among us blessed by the lord. A full figure was seen a prosperity and the abundance of life. Justice was swift and clear. An eye for an eye.

When i go out into the woods i give praise and thanks to the one who created this earth and the life i am going to take. I spend that time with my elders learning ways of respect for all life. I do not take more than my share. And that is given with love to those who can no longer hunt on their own. I am taught the gift of silence. And how to be at peace within myself. I know that the life i take is a gift and i do not waste it. Gods gifts are not to be taken lightly. Without them life would be harder.  I learn not just to listen but to hear. Both are needed with animals and mankind.

I am grateful for my ability to feed my family. I am honored to still know and use and teach the old ways. And i know that if the world takes a turn towards deeper sorrow i will be able to care for those i hold most dear. This is my life, this is my history, this is my legacy. Onward to the hunt we go.


And then?Lets see…

In one wild flashing moment she had a choice, accept the kiss or pull away? The battle was a tough one inside of her brain. Part of her wanted to not only lean in but grab him and pull him in close as he kissed her. The other part was listing all of the reasons a kiss would be a bad idea. He as clearly younger than her, and what would he want with an old broad past that kiss? This was NOT how she saw this day ending. It had begun with her eyes being truth full about what they saw in the mirror. Then again we never see ourselves the way others see us.

She started to lean away from his kiss when his hand slid up the back of her neck and into her hair. With that she lost all will to resist. His fingers tangled up in the nape of her neck, his lips barely touching hers and her heart about to beat out of her chest. Damn, who knew. What had to have been only a few fleeting seconds felt like a life time. Every noise from the bar vanished. Her eyes that had been closed flashed open to see his eyes watching her intently. His body had left its stool and was effortlessly planted between her now open thighs. His other hand slipped around her waist as he filled the space between them. She could not move. She barely breathed for fear this moment was but a dream.

Not a word was exchanged as the kiss ended. He took her hand in his and lead her silently to the dance floor. He was not done having her in his arms. The next sound she heard was his low gravel voice singing in her ear as he lead her across the floor. His body so close to hers that she could feel the buttons of his shirt against her chest. One song faded into another as the two danced into the night.  Wild thoughts raced through her head. She could not deny her physical craving for this man and yet she was not that type of girl, or was she? Way to soon the songs ended and last call was heard echoing through the crowd.

Hand in hand he lead her out the door. After asking her where she was parked they walked again wordless into the night. She stood keys in hand, trembling from the electricity that emanated from his fingers. She wondered what had he been thinking all of that time? And more importantly what was he thinking now?

And then???? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

And then????

It was one of those days, she could tell.She woke up feeling blah. One of those “frumpy as hell days” so she fluffed her hair and added a little extra color to her makeup and found an out fit that didn’t make her cringe when she looked in the mirror. The skirt was just short enough to require knee boots and had good swish to it. The sound her heels made on the floor assured that heads would turn, even if it was just to identify the noise. The rest she could pretend in her head. It probably wasn’t fully work appropriate but today she did not care. She needed the boost.

Once she got her morning errands run she stepped into the shop and put on her smock. To bad it covered her outfit, but at least she knew. The day just seemed to last forever. She received a few nice comments on her boots and her hair. That always made a girl feel better. All she wanted was the end of the day. And to have this mood leave her alone. It had become her friend far to often as of late. The cute clothes had been only a temporary boost. But at the end of the day the clothes were just clothes and when they came off she was still just herself and she was sure that would never truly be enough.

In an effort to beat the funk she decided to go out on the town. Nothing wild just a quick drink at the local karoke bar. One drink in and she was laughing at the people on stage. She joined a couple of girls on the dance floor and made the most of he swishey skirt. Another drink would give her the courage to go on stage but she opted for water and another round on the dance floor.

Sitting back on her stool she tried to cool off before heading out the door. she hiked her skirt a bit higher to get some cool air on her legs, and lifted her crimson hair off of her neck. When she did she felt someone blow on the back of her neck and it sent shivers down her spine. From behind her a handsome man with a killer smile appeared. “Thanks for the breeze” she said. “Most kindly welcome pretty lady” was his response.

What followed was conversation she enjoyed. He was wicked funny and she liked that. He had that hard jaw line and sparkling eyes. The attention was nice too. It was like there was no one else around. Her phone startled her when it rang. It was only a facebook alert, but it caught her by surprise when she realized the time. “I need to go, it’s late and i have to work tomorrow” It was then that he took his moment and leaned in to kiss her….

and then??????????? who know’s

use your own imagination… this girl is tired and going to bed.


You’re not supposed to go there. There are some things that you just know are wrong, but you go there anyways. You want what  lies ahead.

That girl is just everything you want and know you should not have. She is dark and brooding and slightly mysterious. Not really a mystery but one of those slightly off center girls. You know the kind,they put out that bad girl vibe with the promise of dirty sex but under the surface are the kind of girl you could just touch and kiss and make cum for hours. The problem is that she is way to young. Well over the legal age but when you are 40 plus anything under 30 is practily an infant. Of course that does not even come close to the issue of her being your friends daughter. Still when you are sitting there face to face talking to her you get lost. Lost in her soft dark eyes and in her cleavage. She is the perfect level of thick. Boobs like to fully ripe cantalope inside of her scoop neck top. The one that hugs them all the way around and then skims over her stomach and hips. The hips that currently are covered in dark purple velvet track pants with bell bottoms. The ones you know do not have a single piece of fabric under them. Pantie lines do not exist. Of course she is her mothers child so there would never be panties. Damn it, now your head just went there. Her ginger haired mom who does not even own a bra. Who’s nipples are always in your face, making you bite your lower lip.

Think about something else…. Ok there is always Pam. You know that she is a bitch. Most of the time she comes off as quiet an slightly insecure. But a girl knows, and that one needs a huge cock in her ass. She needs her hair pulled and to be force feed a thick meaty cock. And after you kiss the tears from her face she needs shoved face first into a wet pussy and made to eat it until it cums and is then spotlessly clean. She is the one you want to watch your King fuck. Partly because you know he secretly lusted after her and partly because you know she needs it, and would beg for more after you finished with her. Inside of that woman is a wanton harlot who likes it rough. Shit…Try again

There was the bartender chick. You want to keep her for yourself. She needs dressed in cute outfits and then paraded around a crowd of lusty people. Preferably on a shiny leash. The slut with the vibrating panties. take her to the edge and then deny her any release. Have her so hot and wanton that she begs. Kiss her, touch her and tell her no. Put her on her knees and make her eat your pussy in front of everyone. And when you have had your fill, make her cum hard while your king shoots cum all over her hair and pulls on her studded nipples. Fuck…

You wonder if you have ever told him about the red haired client that you know is one dirty girl? Her sex drive matches your own, or may even surpass it. She comes off as a tomboy. Sexy as hell. Still you know that she would be the one for a slow afternoon romp. That woman you would slowly undress, take her hair down and watch it brush the top of her hips. The one you would lay back and admire. Who’s body you would happily make rise and fall and crash into blissful orgasm over and over again and not be pissed off if you never came. Ok, well that is not fully true. You need that orgasm. Still she is…… Oh my

And there will always be Steph. Kissing her was so good. Great rack, wicked curves. A thicker girl than you but great proportions. She would be the one you and your king could share. Not rough, but slow and hot and hungry. The girl who’s sex life has been all work and little fun. It pisses you off that things did not work out. You were so close to having all that you desired. And you know that she was there too. But she found another playmate. Darn the luck…

This is the land of the untouchables. You have surfed the net, look for and found it wanting. You are hungry for the carnal and the sharing. There has yet to be the final play. One day all that you desire will happen.

Patti…. That one need duct tape and a good ass whipping. But how hot she would look mounted on your Kings pole. She would so like it… Like i said, a girl always knows.

The mental fantasy play

He loves that i am bi sexual. I have not had any female lovers since we became a couple but he it a typical male and loves the idea of it at least. Because of that we do share a very healthy fantasy life. Last night it went something like this…

Finally home and in bed. What felt like the worlds longest day was over. But i am looking at his perfect naked body laying on the bed and i can tell he has read my latest fantasy piece. With hunger i take him in my mouth and relish the sounds coming from him. Lord how i love oral sex with him. Nothing makes me hotter and more ready than a mouth full of my kings ample cock. That was until…. ” I am going to take my cock out of your pretty mouth in a minute and bury it deep in your naughty perfect pussy. I am going to make you cum, but when you do i want you to yell the name of the woman you want. Are we clear?” We were very clear.

And here is where my over processing brain went.

“Oh my god i love him, he is perfect, Fuck that feels great, So deep, so hard, so… oh shit i am going to  cum… Oh Daddy, i am going to…..NO NO NO, i don’t have a name OH hell Mary……”

His intent was to try and help me let go. To just be in the moment. I have a hard time with this. I have some bad control issues and i am learning. Thank goodness he is a patient man.But somewhere in all of that my brain had a marathon run of all of the women i know and my personal physical responses to them. UGH what a cluster fuck that was.

I find lots of different women sexy. I like curvy  brunette women. But i have been with all types, thin, curvy, tall, short. So somewhere in all of that i was trying to figure out which woman would not only i enjoy but would turn him on as well. See i am a challenge. I do not know how to be self centered even when asked to be.

What i get this morning is that my brain is wired very different when i am in the moment with him and when i am the me mind set of being with a woman. Some women i want to dominate in the worst way. Some i want to explore for hours and have multiple mutual orgasms with. And some i want to deliver to his feet and watch them cry as he trys to make them take all of his rock hard cock either in the mouth or in the ass. “trust me neither is easy”

So that is why i had a mind melt when he asked. The idea turned me on. But i could not find the emotional place i needed to be to decide which woman it would be. In that moment there was no other woman, it was simply my King and myself and that was all i needed.

One day there will be a third in this relationship. I know that. And i ma good with that. I want the ability to have a female playmate, and to share her with him and him with her. Until then we will live in this fantasy and i will keep going through the list in my head.

And honest is honest, i am more inclined at this time to find the one to deliver to his feet. As long as he lets me play with her while he is in recovery mode. I so want him after he has made another woman a quivering puddle on the floor.

Memories and Fantasies

You never know what will inspire you. Today it was a blouse that brought back some memories. Our first trip to the strip club, stripper glitter and what if’s. What follows is a fantasy of that trip and the what if’s of a visit to the back room that did not happen.


Sitting there with her in my lap, watching him grin like a cheshire cat, had my heart racing. She had mentioned the back room but i was to chicken. About then was the moment she spun around in my lap and put her hand in my bra. She explored and found my very hard nipple. The firm pinch that followed was all the inspiration i needed. With one swift movement i grabbed her hair and found her lips with mine. “Back room, NOW” i growled. I heard her catch her breath and look at me with surprise and hunger. Looking at him all i could say was ” You coming?” Huge eyes looked up at me with a wicked smile as his hard cock pointed the way.

I surveyed the landscape until i found what i wanted, 3 plush chairs in a back corner. I pointed to the corner chair and without a word he sat there. I wanted him to be trapped in that corner. He needed to see all that was about to happen. Standing next to her i took her hand and asked the rules. I wanted to be clear on what could and could not happen. When she had finished the list i nodded and stepped closer. ” Be a good girl now, I am going to kiss you” She was by no means out of her element but seemed to understand that i was in charge of what would happen. He was going to get the show of his life and i was going to enjoy every inch of her i could.

I let her know that i would not do any thing without telling her first. She had the right to decline any action. But i needed to release her firm tits from her bra. My lips found her nipple as her bra landed in his lap. She was sitting straddling my lap, the perfect angle to kiss her and lick her breasts. I so love boobs and hers were lovely. I knew he was eyeing her ass in those cheeky panties. How could you blame him for looking. It was one sweet round ass for sure. Hands and lips roamed free. Her wetness dripping on my thigh. Once again i purred in her ear and told her what i wanted next.

Standing up she slipped from her wet lace panties and placed them over his face. He inhaled deeply and smiled.Slipping into her chair facing him she swung her leg over the arm of the chair and began fingering her wet naked slit. His cock jumped in his pants. I kissed and touched her as she continued the show. I encouraged her to enjoy herself. We were going to watch and enjoy her perfection. Soon the moans of hunger slipped from her lips and i knew it was time. One my knees i slipped between his legs and released the anaconda from his strained slacks. With one lick he groaned with desire. Her eyes popped open from the sound and she let out a glorious moan. I looked back at her and smiled. “Nice isn’t it? Dear God was all she could say.

Lifting my skirt i turned around to face her and sat on his lap. His cock had no problem finding my very wet and swollen pussy. It throbbed from hunger as it swallowed his entire cock. Rolling my hips, i watched her fingers vanish inside of her glistening pussy. From behind me i heard him whisper” She is hot isn’t she my queen? Please make us all come”

Squeezing his cock tight i told him that he should tell her like he does me. Let’s see if she can come on command. My fingers found my clit and i began rocking on his cock. His hands found my ass and encouraged the rhythm. She matched our intensity and soon everyone was on the edge.  His eyes met hers and he growled “cum, you better cum NOW”

And she did. In fact we all did. I watched her gush all over her fingers. Her eyes rolled and her breast bounced as her body convulsed from the intensity of her orgasm. The sight of her caused me to then explode all over his pulsating cock and i pushed him even deeper into my throbbing pussy. I could feel him burst inside of me as he reached maximum depth.

The three of us sat there trying to catch our breath. I stood up slowly and pulled her to her feet and kissed her with the softness of a satisfied woman. Stroking her still firm nipple i Thanked her for the fun and asked it i could stroke her wet pussy. She smiled and granted me access. As my fingers found their way to her naked mound she shivered and pulled me closer. I loved the feel of her wetness and the response of her body. I was about to stop when she grabbed my hand and begged me for one more. I could only say yes. Soon we were in a heap at this feet on the floor. Our bodies taking over. There was only wanton desire and the need for more. Each of us fingers deep in the others pussy. Soon i had her sitting up and backed against the chair between his legs. His cock throbbing next to her cheek. I had burried my face in her wet pussy with three fingers deep inside. Finding just the right spot she came hard all over my mouth. His hands had found their way to her breasts and kept tweeking her nipples to encourage more intensity from her orgasm.

She curled up at his feet like as satisfied kitten. But i was still pulsing and he was still hard. So I crawled up in his lap and looked him in the eye “daddy, have i been a good girl?” He smiled and said “yes my baby girl” “Please make me cum again” i begged. With that he was deep inside of me and thrusting hard. His mouth biting at my nipples i screamed and came harder than ever as he errupted once again as deep as he could inside of my wanton cunt. I collapsed on his chest as he stroked my hair. His cock still inside of me.

From somewhere behind us we heard cheers and clapping. It seems our earlier encounter had been loud enough that we had drawn a crowd. I am sure that daddy knew all along. And that made it all even better.


Stress relief

What a day. The stress level was on high. Having a forest fire so close to home was almost to much. All she wanted was to have her King home. She always felt safer when he was close by. Roaming the house listening for updates and for his call made her pace. All she could think was that she needed a distraction. So she found her BenWa balls and put them in. It had been a long time since she had worn them. She was beginning to remember why. She lacked the current focus for those darn things. Maybe tomorrow she would try a water balloon again. But for now the balls had to go.

Soon her King was home and she could feel her calm returning. Together they checked on the progress of the fire and made sure all of the family was safe. After a nice dinner and a calming smoke they retired to watch tv from bed. Her mind wandered, should she tell him about her adventure with the balls? Should she tell him how badly she wanted to suck his cock? But at the moment she was rather high and was not so sure she could make her body respond. She giggled and he asked her what was up.

Without thinking she told him she had been thinking about sucking his cock. Both were quiet and she faded away on some pink cloud. Only the sound of his voice brought her back to earth. “Well are you going to?” he asked. It took a moment for her to focus and remember what she had said. His voice was calm and measured when he spoke again. ” I am only going to ask you once more” Her lips meet his to stop his next words.

She loved pleasing him, loved how his body responded to her touch. Loved the growls that exited his body. It was clear he was enjoying, his cock was hard and filled her mouth. His words pleased her. She was indeed Daddys good little cock sucker. His next request made her entire body ache with desire. She was to put her wet pussy on Daddys face but never remove his cock from her mouth.  He always knew what to say to make her want him even more.  He licked and sucked the wetness from her while she inhaled his ever growing manhood.

She could hardly believe her ears, she was begging him for his cock. Asking could get her in trouble. She was here for his pleasure but it was clear Daddy wanted the same. He let out the most glorious groan as he entered her swollen womanhood. His words of praise on her wetness and fullness made her happy. The rhythm of his hips and how he covered her with his body made her feel small. It was a feeling she loved. Having her face burried in his chest as he took ownership of all that was his.

“Daddy, i am going to cum” was about all she could manage before exploding all over his hard cock. He did not stop but kept thrusting in and out until she was fully satisfied. After kissing her and telling her what a good girl she was he had her roll over. ” Daddy is going to take you from behind, He is going to cum and then fall asleep inside of you”  He loved the roundness of her ass and because he was so gloriously blessed he could easily bury himself deep inside of her while spooning.  She squeezed hard on his cock and felt it throb as he was about to fill her with a flood of creamy juice. Having had his fill of her he kissed her shoulder and reminded her of how much Daddy loved his naughty girl. Soon they both fell off into peaceful sleep.

Later she would wake up and giggle at the squishy puddle between her legs. But as she faded off into blissful sleep she could only smile and know how much she was loved. She never wanted to lose this feeling, and his love.

Happy Naughty Easter

She loved his requests. Knowing what he wanted made her damp with anticipation.

” I want to watch you play and i want you to write it to post later” Her body gushed at his request. To the couch with note pad and toys in hand she went feeling her dampness run down her leg as she walked. Her silver bullet was barley on and tickling her shimmery pussy lips. As he walked by she could not resist taking his young cubby cock in her mouth. How she loved feeling it swell between her lips. There was little else that could make her as wet as his cock in her mouth. The teasing did not last long but it did the job. He walked away hard and she tried to put words to paper with shaking hands.

Writing distracted her but it boosted the thrill of their play. While she wrote he came back to the couch, stretching out facing her. His cock still hard. His toes found her bullet and pressed it against her clit.She did not know why the feeling of his toes on her wet pussy made it even wetter. She wanted more but she had to be patient.

Why, where, How did he learn to tease this way? She loved the tease, the build up. She was in heaven.

He was perfect. His cool toes pressing her vibe against her clit. She wanted to come. Being a good girl she asked for his permission and he granted it. But first she begged him to promise to make her cum again. His wicked smile promissed, and with that she came hard.

It was not long until he was making good on that promise. Her vibe was turned up and he placed an ample cock toy in her very slick pussy. He stroked it back and forth watching her press back against it. The looks on his face turned her on even more. He was clearly enjoying his actions. She was trying to write but it became harder to do. She came again with such intensity. she knew that each orgasm to follow would be hard and fast when they came. But the build up to each was longer and just as intense.  Surely it could get no better than this.

He gave her a short respit to right and recover. He went to gather more toys. It was clear that they were going to enjoy all of the freaky aspects of their sex life. Yes things could get better she thought with her own wicked grin. And they did when he arrived back with his ass toy. He became a carnal hungry animal when they enjoyed ass play. It made her as hot as his cock in her mouth did. Naughty girl.


“Stroke your cock and put that toy in your cute ass for Mommy.” His cock lept in his hand and she purred. Watching him lube his ass and sliding his toy in made her hold her breath. It was clear he enjoyed doing it. He stroked the toy in and out of his hungry ass. His cock growing she tried to write but watching his hunger build was to much. Dropping her note book she greadily pressed her toy against her clit. He stroked his cock with one hand and thrust the toy in and out of his ass with the other. Her next orgasm came in a flash. She did not want him to stop, they needed more. She wanted more, it all felt to good to stop.

She asked him, no told him to come but he had something in mind and she loved his dirty mind. His hard cock was burried in her very wet and swollen pussy. His toy was burried in his cute tight ass. His growls let her know he was close and they came together. It was glorious and dirty and perfect.

He left to clean up and she should of been done but as she replayed it in her head she found herself cranking up her vibe one last time. Soon he was there watching her. There was not hard climax but an intense build up that made her entire body arch. the edge was reached and she spilt over the top in one soft roll.

This was it. That perfect moment when everything had met. When her naughty side and her writing and his naughty side had all meet. They had colided in perfect unison and she was riding on a pink fluffy cloud of sexual contentment. She had never been so happy to know that he loved her so much as to share all of his desires with her. To not only be her partner in life but to become her sexual match.

As requested she posted to her blog. Her fingers knew there were misspelled words but she did not care. Not this time. Because it was not about the perfection of the spelling but it was about sharing this perfect love she shared with her King, and a test of her obediance to her Master. She could not wait for him to read it and hoped that he was pleased with his pet/ his queen.



Her gift

That familiar chime went off on her phone. A smile found it way to her face that was not intentional. He had that kind of effect on her. Grabbing the phone she checked the message and paused. He was asking her permission to give her number to a New Friend. She knew he had been on one of their sites looking for a potential playmate, but she had not been looking herself. It was something she had wanted but things had not worked out. Now she needed to do some reconnaissance herself.

Logging into the site she scrolled back through the messages. He certainly had been  a busy little cub. His determination to find her a playmate was endearing and exciting. It came from a place of love and trust that few couples truly share. Soon she found the woman he had described and giggled at the messages and photos. She was always shocked to see some of the photos he took of her in some of their more intimate moments. The raw passion and hunger often disarmed her. Some times she saw what he saw, and damn she was sexy.

Well, she is my flavor, and his. They had come to understand that they shared the same taste in women. Full bust lines, round buttocks and curves for days. Confidence was a huge plus. And conversational skills a MUST. They had seen lots of pretty who could not hold a conversation in a bucket. And that would NOT do.

Letting him know that she would be taking over the conversation was her next step. He was great bait but after all this was to be her playmate. And he was really there as an observer until invited to the game. The afternoon was filled with messages. Some racy but most just good talk, getting to know each other. Their similarities were abundant. The two woman laughing over his apparent TYPE.  It was fun to have a prospect. It was more fun knowing the effect it was having on her husband. That naughty cub was bound to be firming up nicely.

The end of the work day could not come soon enough. Both eager to get close enough to touch and to share the text messages he had missed. She loved the moments when he would read something and look at she with that sexy side ways glance. He could not hide his desire. He knew what his queen wanted and he was determined to give her it all. Tonight was going to be for them. To talk and touch and share their desires and to plan on the moment when there might be the three of them.



moments of truth (pt 5)

Days turned to weeks and they had spent every spare moment together. Family and friends meet and knowing smiles of approval given. He spent most of his nights in happiness curled up in her bed. Their bodies fitting together as if made for each other. But something was not as it should be. She had asked to see his home. She knew he had one. He has spoken of it. But it never brought a smile to his eyes. There was a sadness in him when he mentioned it. It was always in context of his previous marriage. He would tell her that one day he would have her there. But as Christmas approached she began to wonder if he was trying to keep her at arms length or if there was some other reason he kept her way.

One day while talking to his father, a man who’s smile matched his sons, she let it slip that she had only been to the front steps of his sons home. Dad, with is knowing smile, told her in his gentle voice to be patient. His sons heart had become a fragile place in the wake of is broken marriage, and that his home had become something of a wall of protection. He had let it fall into disarray as a way to keep people at bay.
There was a piece of her heart that understood that all to well. For a time during the death of her marriage she had let parts of her own life fall apart. Time and love would heal those wounds.

But fate has a way of forcing people to act. And one afternoon a water main broke at her home, leaving her newly carpeted home a pond. She was about to go stay with friends when he pulled up at the front door and without a word took the bag from her hand, placing it in the back of his truck. She silently slid in the passenger seat. The drive wound thru the country side. A part of the world that a year ago had been charred by wild fire. The bleak and blackened trees in stark contrast to the gleaming green grass beneath. she had always loved this part of the world.

Pulling up to his home, he looked at her and said, if you want to bolt I will understand.
As she stepped into the front room, her eyes took in the once beautiful home, that was now a shattered mass of rubble. With tear filled eyes she placed her head on his shoulder and asked where to put her bag. The next few days were spent in quietness. He would ask her to sit once she had gotten done with work while he spent the next few hours picking up. Slowly returning the house to its previous gleaming self.
Often she would ask to help, but the look on his face told her that he needed to do this.
The pride in him had been broken when his ex left. She took his family. Not his children by blood, but the only ones he would ever have. A child hood trauma had left him unable to father his own. Taking his boys had left him a broken man, and his home had become as broken as his soul.

Soon the place looked like a castle. Gleaming in the mid day sun. It was clean and repairs made. But when he looked at it he could still hear the laughter of his lost children. He knew that this place would never again me home.

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